After graduating from Saints Academy of Art and Curtin University, Australia. Li Wai began his career as an art director in a creative boutique. Later, he found a passion towards film making and left the company to pursue his dream.

Encouraged by his passion and success in film making. He submitted a short film in the 5th Malaysia Video Awards and won him a gold award in the category of the best short film.

Later, he started to move into directing. During this period of time, he had the experience of shooting locally as well as foreign countries such as Indonesia, China and Vietnam. From the experiences, he also proved himself to be a problem solver.

Li Wai has an acute sense of cinematic style that translates brilliantly into film. Well versed in all aspect of the film and post production process allows him to approach each new project from a fresh perspective. 

A genuine communicator with a keen eye for details.