Kelvin KeeHoe

Kelvin has been in Film Production for 26 years. He started from the very bottom, working as a film crew before climbing his way up to Production Manager. Then to TV Director, helming many comedies and magazine programmes for local TV.

But his fascination with the technical aspects of film making never left. And so he turned to TV commercials to expand his knowledge of the Camera. Kelvin has been a Director of Photography for the last 10 years. His affable personality and his eye for detail makes him a great counterpart to work with.

Since then he has won an MC2 Award (Malaysian Creative Circle) for Imaginex’s moving office campaign and a DMAM Award (Direct marketing) for a series of 6 documentaries for Damacai’s “Journey of Champions” featuring Malaysia’s National Wushu athletes. His campaign for SIN fashion has appeared in Ads of the World.

Stephen Tan’s knack for storytelling and comic timing has seen the creation of some memorable spots.

His previous life in Advertising informs his work, creating focused and hard-working commercials that do not compromise on aesthetics and charm.

And all-around nice guy with a positive attitude, Stephen is well-liked by all, from the Client to the Agency to the Crew and quite regularly by the make up guy.

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